1 - 1 Photography Coaching


Have you always dreamed of becoming a photographer?​ Are you feeling stuck because you are too shy to shoot beautiful female models? Or you just feel like you keep trying but have no luck finding clients?

I will provide you with my secret tips and tricks to start your life as a photographer.



- females and males

- beginners or those who want to upgrade their portfolio with female models or just want to practice on female models


- I can work with you as a model, or put you in contact with beautiful female models to create/upgrade your portfolio

give you tips on how to get potential clients

- show you various ways to promote yourself

- I will introduce you to the world of photography and tell you how I got my first paid job

What Other Say

Jake, GC

I found Natalia's services online. I connected with her straight away as she knew what I need. She knows so many gorgeous models, thanks to her I was finally able to start shooting people as I always wanted.  

Rob, Brisbane

I was always too shy to ask my female friends to pose for me. Natalia made it all possible. I shot with stunning Natalia but also with her beautiful model friends. Thanks to this I was able to upgrade my portfolio and now I have more clients. Cheers

Steve, London

I had to organise a professional photoshoot but I had no idea where to find models. Natalia became one of them and she found me some other amazing girls. Thanks for saving the day! btw she also gave me some cool tips where to find more clients and how to promote myself! 

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