I have earned two degrees in London, finishing a business management degree and a law degree.

As much as I loved law, I have decided to follow my passion and open my own photography business, which seemed even more challenging as having your own business doesn't mean it's easier, in fact, it's much more difficult and you have to spend more time on it. You don't just clock in and out, you live it! You treat it as it's your own baby, so you have to take care of it ;)

Don't ever believe that anything comes easy to anyone, as anything worth having requires commitment and lots of work.

Since 2015, I have followed my passion to create, as well as I became a business and wellness mentor to thousands of people worldwide. I love to teach entrepreneurs how to start, grow, and scale their businesses using social media because building a business is one of the most excruciating, powerful, and exhilarating rides to becoming the exact person you were meant to be!

My work has been featured in numerous magazines and sold in multiple galleries. I shot and created content for the biggest companies, festivals, as well as I, started to manage social media of some of them.

Having worked with clients such as the Surfers Paradise Alliance, Bleach Festival, Byron Bay International Fashion Festival, Hello Fresh, Sushi Train, Luli Fama, Ark Swimwear, Lilybod, Lounge Underwear, Bras N Things, Daniel Wellington, Sofi Spritz, Bumble, Q1 Skypoint, PalazzoVersacee, Hard Rock, Coles, Nakd Fashion, Harcourts Real Estate Agents and many more,

I have the knowledge and experience to create something truly unique and help you promote your business!

And for those, who are into a holistic living, I have an amazing 12-week online program, which will transform your life and teach you how to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle! I will also introduce you to amazing diets and tips :)

I believe all diets are good as long as you keep up with them and don't cheat! Personally, I'm a keto ambassador and I believe that everything we put in our bodies matters, whether that may be food, words, thoughts and even the air we breathe! I'm a huge advocate for clean living and having a healthy balance, and I believe that having this all comes down to the respect you have for yourself. 

I've long had a passion for helping others achieve their goals and what's more important, to maintain them! 

I can’t wait to help you see what’s possible.


Flourish & Conquer,


Natalia Ancora

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