Villa Gili Bali Beach

It was such an exciting experience to travel to Gili Trawangan, which turned out to be a huge extremely pleasant surprise! All I heard about Gili T before was that it's a party place, but it's actually much much more than just place with nice clubs. In fact only next to the port the island is quite touristy and great for a night out, the rest of the island is extremely calm and beautiful. Especially the West part of the island, is quite romantic and unrealisticly charming. That's where you should head over for a romantic sunset dinner.

Oh talking about sunsets, I think there are the most incredibe sunsets I have ever seen. You know what I loved and will never forget... the horses running on the beach. That's the beauty of this island, there are no scooters nor cars, only horses and bycycles! How wild and adorable is this! You can rent your own carriage with horses or just a single horse ride on the beach, which I recommend!

The place I was staying at is called Villa Gili Bali Beach, I definitely recommend it to couples and sunset lovers or people looking for a calm and beautiful stay as it's on theWest side of the island. Also, it's only 15min ride on a bicycle to the port if you feel like partying ;)

The Villa is a lovely seven room place with big pool facing the ocean and a private one near the garden inside. It's one of the places you book on your holidays and instead exploring you are just chilling by the pool! 

Although I do recommend to rent a bike, or take them from the Villa as they offered them to us for free and take a scenic ride around the island. Personally, I have stopped at evry single swing, and there are dozens of them around the island! hehe ;) Also, once I was lucky enought to go for a swim with turtles as there is a little reservat 10minutes walk from the Villa!!! 

If you go to Gili T I promise you it will not be a dissapointment :)

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