Allow me to introduce you to

Wild Riot GO-Getters Program

Through my own healthy lifestyle journey, I discovered that there are lots of good diets, there will always be good and bad to everything in life. The main thing is to create a lifestyle you love and keep up with your goals. 

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all for anything. That's why Wild Riot Wellness program works so well, offering different diets and courses for everyone. It’s all about what works for you, which means doing not what is easiest or fast, but what is right.


The Wild Riot program gave me the body freedom I had been searching for through endless other approaches, personally I fell in love with a ketogenic diet but as I said, everyone is different and this's my personal lifestyle choice that works for me, what will yours be? 

As I learned to listen and respect my body, I realised that I needed to share this program with the world, which makes me so excited to empower others to reclaim confidence in their own bodies and love themselves again!

This program is for anyone who wants to:

  • Improve your lifestyle, health and happiness

  • Receive amazing gifts!!

  • Increase energy and concentration

  • Improve your mental health and decrease stress

  • Start practising yoga, meditation techniques and relaxation, as well as improve your quality of sleep

  • Discover healthy recipes

  • Learn more about keto and find out amazing substitutes

  • Look good (in our outfits!!) ;)

  • Learn about best exercising techniques and nourishing your body

  • Be motivated, increase wellbeing and quality of life and meet other like-minded souls who will surround you with inspiration and support


This program will allow you to connect with health professionals and wellness coaches from all over the world who are on their own journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.


In this chaotic and busy world, where we have the pressure to be successful in our careers, be on top of our social life, and be high functioning healthy humans – it can sometimes make taking time for self-care impossible.


Wild Riot Program isn't just all about a bubble bath or a green smoothie, nor a quick summer bikini-body challenge but real self-care that naturally relates to your body and mind. It is not about strict eating and obsessive exercising as in reality it only leads to the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Why you will love it and how will you benefit:

This program is 12 weeks long but you can stay longer if you love it as much as I do! It consists of twelve sessions, which are specially tailored to inspire positive behavioural shifts and help you adopt gentle, holistic practices for a life that constantly honours your body. It works through what you want, what you need and how shows you how to achieve it.

This will include but not limit to:

  • 12-week e-book guide.

  • Personal mentor, who will follow your progress.

  • A weekly email including a game plan for each week.

  • Weekly digital printable planners with challenges, which will motivate and inspire you!

  • Access to our Private Vault & Platform, where you will find all the resources.

  • An exclusive gift with handpicked products, it could be new activewear, a sport watch or a number of other high-value products which will keep you motivated as you progress through the program (FREE international shipping). On the subscription plan, you get a new, best-selling gift every 3 months upon renewal.

  • Exclusive membership access to our private online mentoring and support community of beautiful, like-minded souls.

  • Every month we will feature a "Brands of the Month Special", where featured brands will unleash incredible deals on their products, exclusively for our members! You can even vote which companies you would like us to bring on board!!

  • ​Up to 50% discount on tickets to our events, special deals, VIP's, 50% OFF all our products in the store, personal trainer sessions and much more.

Stay healthy and happy,

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